We are a group of Software Engineers with more than half a century of combined Software Development experience in the Vancouver hi-tech scene. Our team held senior engineering roles at Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon and Salesforce. Our team has a track record in building highly scalable enterprise applications that are used by millions of users across the world. We are passionate about sharing our experience with future generations by offering courses in emerging technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine learning with a focus on Computer Science fundamentals in Coding, Data structures and Algorithms.

Codify Academy Team

Our Objective

To build future leaders who can leave a lasting impact on the worldwide technology scene by intriguing the curiosity of young Canadians in emerging technologies.   

At Codify Academy we believe that building a strong foundation in technology education paves the path to develop new tech leaders. All Canadians and their children, particularly kids with multiple barriers such as refugees and immigrants, need access with hands-on experience to recent technology developments.  

Who can benefit from our programs?

Kids of all ages. Coding skills should be learned at an early age to build strong foundations and enable kids to expand their curiosity in discovering new horizons.  We live in an age were new ideas disrupt the status quo and challenge long lasting industries.